Our Spirits

Florida CANE Vodka®

Quite simply, it’s the smoothest vodka available. Florida CANE Vodka is a small batch spirit made from South Florida Sugar Cane and all of the flavored variations are inspired by local flavors. Made in our 50 gallon reflux-column, the real secret is not in the straight forward mash bill, or high-quality proprietary yeast strain. The smooth flavor can be attributed to the time consuming process of dripping all of the finished distillate through a custom built charcoal filtration system. Over a two-week period, every drop passes over 90 feet of activated carbon made from coconut husks that strips out unwanted sweet esters and other bitter compounds. The end result is an award winning, crisp and clean spirit.


Florida CANE Vodka has 10 delicious variations that are all inspired by local fruits that are the perfect addition to both traditional and innovative cocktails. We currently make: Plant City Strawberry, Orlando Orange, Key West Lemon & Lime, Palm Beach Pineapple, Miami Mango, Okeechobee Cherry, Weeki Wachee Watermelon, Buccaneer Blueberry, Florida Fire Ant (Jalapeño), and our seasonal, Candy Cane (Pomegranate & Peppermint).

Tamiami Gin™

Gin is the first flavored vodka. All gin starts out as a neutral spirit, such as vodka, and must be infused with juniper. There are many different styles of gin – like, Old Tom, New World, or London Dry – and Tamiami Gin sits somewhere in-between (and above) them all. While many gins have elaborate stories to describe how they source their six hundred and thirty three different botanicals–such as climbing the highest mountain in their region or putting cones around a section of the weeds in their parking lot* — Tamiami Gin has just 4.
*no gins claim this

Organic Coriander, Cucumber, Juniper and Florida Grown Tangerine
Red Drum™ Whiskey

Our in-house whiskey blends are the result of carefully selecting high-quality grain distillates and aging them in premium oak barrels. Our first expression, released in the spring of 2017, is the result of a 3 year aging process that took place both in our old location and finishing at our new Ybor location. A crip, clean, corn whiskey shimmers a deeper copper color and reminds us of the sunny days we’ve spent fishing near our beloved Skyway bridge. We have bourbon and rye barrels aging and will release them over the next few years as they become ready.

Sunshine Moonshine®

Moonshine is un-aged whiskey. Our favorite type of whiskey is bourbon — and that’s what we used. With a high-corn mash, and double distilled base we started by keeping the base-proof HIGH (109!!!!!) and then added our unique flavor combinations to make the best tasting Moonshine in the state.


Be sure to check out all 4 flavors:
Sunrise — Apple Pie Inspired with a hot pepper kick
High Noon — Cinnamon, Sugar and everything oh-so nice
Sunset — the most meddled spirit from our distillery, a simple    combination of English Toffee & Orange
Midnight — Blackberry, Blueberry and Star of Anise